Orthopedic Massage Therapy

Image representing orthopedic massage therapy on knee in prone positionOrthopedic massage therapy is an assessment followed by treatment of internal scar tissue to relieve pain and improve mobility. Injuries cause scar tissue to form primarily in muscles, tendonsligamentsfascia, and joints. Many people do not realize that the cause of most chronic pain in these soft tissues is the poor healing and repeated tearing of adhesive scar tissue. It is normal for scar tissue to form when soft tissues are injured. A little bit of scar tissue located in the right places is the good “glue” that holds torn fibers together. But when this process is random and tissues heal by forming a jumbled matrix of adhesions, constant re-tearing and pain usually follow.

Why Scar Tissue Massage is Necessary

To avoid the formation of adhesive scar tissue after an injury, healing must take place in the presence of a full range of movement. When we use an injured part of the body and experience pain, it is often a sign that we are tearing malformed scar tissue and developing more scar tissue. Movements that stress the injured area cause re-tearing of the scar tissue which stimulates the formation of additional scar tissue. Breaking the cycle of tearing and re-tearing of adhesive scar tissue is the goal of effective orthopedic massage therapy.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy Sessions

Image representing orthopedic massage therapy for injured knee

Injury treatment sessions usually begin at a frequency 2 times a week and scale down as the condition improves. During a hands-on injury treatment session to provide scar tissue therapy or injury therapy, one or several body areas can be treated. Treatment may begin with client lying on their back, or face-down, depending on the reason for the treatment. As part of the ongoing assessment as the therapy progresses, I often ask the client to participate in deciding what is needed during a particular session.

Using scar tissue massage, also known as orthopedic massage therapy, I apply a cross-fiber friction movement at the proper site of the exact injury. The friction massage action is applied for approximately 20-minute intervals. Oils and lotions are not used so that the cross fiber movement can actually work deeply enough to break up the adhesions. While your comfort is of greatest importance, working at the injury site can be sensitive. We will communicate frequently regarding pressure level and I respond with modifications to ensure your comfort level.

Are you located in the NYC area and struggling to overcome an injury? Contact a professional massage therapist to discuss orthopedic massage therapy for your healing and future well-being.