Deep Tissue Massage

Image representing Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Session ClientI offer deep tissue massage in NYCWhen deep tissue massage therapy is applied skillfully and specifically, the muscles and surrounding soft tissues have access to abundant blood circulation. This increase blood circulation allows for the removal of metabolic waste from the muscles, while delivering oxygenated blood to a restricted area. This results in much-needed pain relief. The increased blood flow releases “knots,” also known as trigger points and improves muscular tonicity, meaning the muscle is more ample, fluid, and movable rather than glued down and tight.

Deep Tissue Massage Methods

The pace of strokes used during a deep tissue massage therapy session can be fast or slow depending on the particular issues being addressed. Usually a variety of deep tissue massage strokes are used. These may include kneading, flowing effleurage strokes, cross-fiber friction, or use of knuckles or elbows. Slower, more concentrated strokes can help break up adhesive points in the soft tissue.

My Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Approach

Generally, my clients who request deep tissue massage find that my approach to pressure is painlessly deep. They are able to handle the deeper pressure, which is more effective at dissolving tension deeply stored in the muscles. This is because I work with precision and skill to feel how much pressure the body can readily accept without forcing and fighting against the muscular tension itself.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Image representing Therapeutic Massage for pain and stress reliefDeep tissue massage therapy goes beyond simple relaxation which is the goal of most spa massages. The deep tissue massage methods work to release deeply held tension, stress, and strain caused by injury, repetitive movement, body posture (especially in the office), and day-to-day stresses of living. The benefits of this style of treatment range include:

  • injury therapy for pain relief
  • increased energy
  • easier movements
  • improved posture
  • improved athletic performance

While deep tissue massage therapy is usually used to address issues of pain or limited mobility, its health benefits go beyond the relief of symptoms:

  • reduced stress-related hormones
  • reduced fatigue
  • increased circulation, promoting good cardiovascular effects
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved immune response to colds or infections (can actually speed recovery)
  • enhanced alertness to be more productive
  • improved natural ability to fall asleep
  • decreased premenstrual symptoms
  • recovery for survivors of sexual abuse (to re-establish healthy touch)

Are you located in the NYC area? Would you like to discuss if deep tissue massage therapy could help you reduce pain, improve mobility, or achieve other health goals? If so, please contact a massage therapist today.