What My Clients Say

I am honored that my massage clients trust their health and well-being to me. I enjoy seeing their faces when pain they thought they had to learn to live with vanishes. I look forward to many more sessions with these clients and with you! Want to let others know how therapeutic massage helped you? Add your testimonial at the Google+ listing for Amanda Donis.

Emma Judkins, NYC Dancer finds relief with Myofascial release


Chris Gallo – Chronic Pain from Office Work

I went to see Amanda because of chronic pain in my neck, shoulder, and wrists due to my job as a computer programmer. She has helped me greatly with these issues. She is very knowledgeable about reducing repetitive strain. My regular visits with her help me immensely. She is highly recommended!

Chloe – Wellness

Amanda has a true gift. I was amazed the first time I went to see her how her hands seem to find the exact problem areas with no prompting from me. Her touch is therapeutic and responsive to my body. I’ve experienced benefits from her work physically, emotionally and spiritually. The massage itself is always enjoyable, but the real benefit for me is always the day after the massage – I always wake up feeling loose, relieved, and centered. I feel very confident in recommending Amanda to anyone interested in massage therapy.

Kendra R. – Acute Shoulder Pain

Amanda is magical. Her calming personality and her healing touch will leave you feeling better immediately. She is a gift to this area. I went in with a horrible shoulder pain. I could hardly breathe. Amanda is a wonderful listener and is very talented at evaluating the problem. By just laying he hands on my joints while I stood in my normal posture she could tell my problem areas which she then attended to with an amazing massage.

Suzzanne, Acupuncturist – Chronic Pain and Joint Issues

I feel so lucky to receive her work. She is extremely intuitive and always does exactly what my body needs. I have chronic pain and joint issues and not only has Amanda helped then improve dramatically, but she takes the time and effort to help me learn how to work with my body. I feel truly blessed to receive her work.

Judy W – Pain and Muscle Tightness

Amanda has worked on me for about 6 weeks. I must say she is fantastic. She truly knows what she is doing. She has made my pain, muscle tightness and connective tissues much softer and I feel like a million bucks when she is finished working on my body. I am very blessed to know her. GREAT!!! EXCELLENT GIFTED HANDS!!!

Courtney, Mother of two teenagers – Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears)

In just two sessions, Amanda Donis virtually eliminated the tinnitus from which I had suffered for two years, and with which no other health professional had been able to help me. Although I had not mentioned anything about my spine to Amanda, I received the added bonus of walking away from my first session with her with a spinal suppleness that I had not experienced in years, if not decades.

 Ann M – Overall Stress Reduction from Everyday Life

I’ve only just had my first visit with Amanda, and I will be back! I’ve had a number of massage therapists over the years, and she is one of the most intuitive I have ever been to. After our initial consultation, she quickly got to work getting out the pain, kinks and knots I get from the daily grind and from old injuries. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Like others, I feel lucky to have found her and look forward to my next visit.

Ivy M – Student. Neck, Shoulder, and Jaw Pain

Not only does she have a great table side manner, but Amanda is a fantastic therapeutic massage therapist. I have had problems with my neck, shoulder and jaw for years. She’s the first therapist whose be able to really provide me with relief. I always walk away with less pain than I came in. I only wish my schedule would allow me to go more often.

Ann H – Wellness

Amanda is kind, gentle, thorough and a truly gifted massage therapist. I always feel better after I see her, and when I go regularly the difference in my jaw, back, shoulders, and hips is amazing. She really understands how all parts of your body are connected and how to provide relief in one area not just by focusing on the problem area, but also the other connected areas. I highly, highly recommend her!

Lance Johnson, 49 year old desk jockey – Rotator Cuff Strain

I started working out late in life. Amanda has helped me relieve pain in a variety of complaining body parts. When I strained my rotator cuff, Amanda’s efforts really helped me get the first good night’s sleep in over a month. She kneaded and stretched parts of my shoulder in a relaxed atmosphere that was truly pleasurable relative to other sports therapy massage practitioners I have tried. She gave me some continuing exercises to help stretch and maintain what she did in session. She is amazing.

Ellen Martin – Used Several Times since 2007

Amanda is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had work on me. She is extremely conscientious, knowledgeable and professional. She keeps records of your progress and always reviews your status before a session. In addition, she is a kind person. I would highly recommend her for this service.

Barry Hauptman – Hamstring Injury and Improved Athletic Performance

An athlete’s massage therapist who really helps. Amanda listens to your issues, and works with you on improving them. She helped me recover from a torn hamstring muscle and a forced long running vacation, to a personal best marathon in Boston 2009. I now use her on a maintenance program and rely on her clinical finding to assess how my body is responding to the training stimuli. She is very pleasant, essentially pain free, and the whole experience is one my wife and i look forward to very much.

Eric Olsen – Back Pain and Sciatica

I have done alot of massage, body, and energy work over the years from a variety of practitioners and different modalities. When I injured my back and was experiencing terrible sciatica, my doctor suggested that I try acupuncture, which has been great, and my acupuncturist referred me to Amanda Donis. I scheduled a series of myo-fascial massage treatments with Amanda, and her treatments were profoundly helpful in relieving the stress, pain, and trauma that I was experiencing. She has a unique ability to channel quickly and deeply into the areas of concern, not with deep pressure, but rather with a deep connection or sensitivity to the tissue and fascia that has been injured. She is truly one of the best therapists that I have ever had, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking relief from stress, pain or trauma.

Roy Rubenfeld – Back and Joint Pain

You are the best of the best at your job. I feel better already. (Feel free to use this quote if you’d like.)

Yasmin – Back Pain

Dear Amanda,

I can’t thank you enough for the therapeutic massage treatments I received from you. Within minutes of each session I felt 10 years younger, and I felt the healing and detoxification process as it occurred. My body feels a ton lighter and all the pain and tension that previously cracked in my back and joints were released. Thanks ever so much… I will be back again and again!

Sue Bumpous – Stress from Computer Work

Some people go to Amanda for pain in specific locations – my visits have been more to reduce general stress of working long days at a computer terminal. She found sensitive points in my left shoulder that I didn’t know were there. Even after the problem abated under her care, I couldn’t give up the wonderful feeling I have during and after each massage and have scheduled regular appointments monthly ever since. Amanda has the gift of the healing touch and a calm, soothing demeanor that immediately brings my blood pressure down, no matter how crazy my day has been. Thank you, Amanda!

Heidi – Muscle Spasms in Back

Amanda is a fantastic therapeutic massage therapist. I was suffering from muscle spasms in my back. After two sessions with Amanda the tension in my back is gone and so are the spasms. A session with her is great for total body health.

Flora Cross – Back Pain

By chance and luck I came across Amanda Donis’ information from a mothers’ website recommending her for pregnancy massage – at the time I had been suffering from severe lower back pain for about 6 months from moving country and just too much heavy lifting. I had given up hope of fixing it as I had seen many general masseurs who would claim to be able to help but ultimately provided no relief. After 2 sessions of deep tissue massage with Amanda I could not believe the difference. I could actually bend down to pick things up without wincing. I opted to have a 3rd session to follow through and I have not had to return as that particular back pain is now totally healed despite getting pregnant afterwards and having all the extra weight. I felt like she had literally worked a miracle as I had given up hope! Further to this Amanda treated my mother who is a breast cancer survivor and had had a mastectomy. Since then she suffered arm and back pain around where they removed some muscle. She had two treatments with Amanda while she was visiting and felt a noticeable difference after a year of suffering. I cannot speak more highly of her in our cases.

Caroline – Acute Lower Back Pain

Amanda has helped me tremendously by addressing a point in my lower back that makes me flinch and fall to my knees from pain. She uses a gentle pressure technique which eventually reaches the affected muscle and does not let go until all the pressure is released. She starts working on the back without any oil so she can really feel the different areas. She then uses oil to reach in deeper. She works with a lot of patience and has really made a big difference in my life. My sleep has improved and the pain has substantially reduced.

Marny Giluly – Hamstring Injury, Sciatica

I first came to Amanda Donis after pulling a hamstring muscle while running through the Atlanta airport after a flight cancellation in heels, pulling a roller bag and carrying a heavy briefcase.

I am a former marathon runner and have completed fifteen marathons, with a 6th in Boston in the master’s division and a 7th in New York City in the master’s. Overuse injuries and six resulting surgeries forced me to stop running for years. However, I was able to begin running again in January 2007 – from 1 to 1 ½ hours per session – until pulling a muscle in the airport. I tried to run through the injury, but it only became worse and forced me to completely stop running.

Amanda Donis analyzed the injury and determined it was probably sciatica (pain in lower buttocks and hamstring, radiating down to the calf muscle). In addition to her expert therapeutic massages, Amanda introduced me to Total Motion Release (TMR) stretches, a series of held motions that enables the good side of the body to balance the painful side. This combination of therapeutic massages and TMR stretches resulted in a complete recovery in less than a month.

I like the techniques Amanda Donis uses because they quickly and completely healed the injury and gave me an ongoing toolkit of stretches to implement on a regular basis to keep my body in balance. Also, Amanda is very knowledgeable of the importance of water, vitamins, herbs and other natural remedies to heal the body and enable it to function more efficiently. She is really in tune with the concept of natural healing.

In addition to fixing my hamstring/sciatica issue, Amanda identified and was able to relieve the pain in my neck and lower back. I now have better range of motion when turning my head left or right. Also, my lower back is no longer painful when standing, walking or running.

Amanda Donis has been able to address and fix the aches and pains in my body. It has enabled me to return to running 1 to 1 ½ hours per session. Even more important, her efforts have improved my quality of life by reducing and even eliminating the aches and pains in my neck and back. Amanda’s arsenal of therapeutic massage, Total Motion Release stretches and natural healing remedies is awesome. I highly recommend Amanda Donis to those who are ready to fix their injuries and improve their quality of life.

Bill – Injury to Foot Tendons

I have several splits and tears in the right peroneus tendon with some tissue fluid. The lack of support from my right foot stresses the left side as it compensates. Over time, the problem further restricted movement on the right side. Amanda’s treatment helped to free up the restricted areas, making movement more like normal, opening healing channels, and reduced stress on the left side. Immediately following treatment, my stamina and energy walking several miles was noted to be 3 to 4 times better. Several weeks later, the freedom of movement is still considerably improved as I continue with suggested exercises.

Deb Reid – Back Pain from Auto Accident and Improved Athletic Performance

What an amazing experience! What an amazing massage therapist!
Amanda is the best massage therapist I have seen (and I have tried quite a few!).
I have been seeing Amanda since early 2007. Initially for back injury pain due to an automobile accident when conventional methods brought no relief. Not only has she resolved the back pain but she has helped me with so much more. Being an athlete for 40+ years I find it harder and harder to keep major aches and pains at bay so last year I began a wellness plan for myself. Massage, yoga, acupuncture, walking, running, softball and swimming currently encompass my agenda. I recently completed my first 5k and I could not have successfully accomplished this without Amanda.
Amanda is a caring listener, a trainer, a healer and a teacher with exceptional techniques in deep tissue and myofascial release massages. I love her use of reflexology during each massage and I absolutely love her hot stone sessions. I would recommend her hot stone for everyone! Amanda gives 100% of herself every moment during the massage and tailors each session to meet my immediate needs and also my future goals. Her massages initiate such a flow of positive energy throughout, connecting my mind and body together for an incredible wellness experience.
Amanda truly has a gift and I am so thankful to have found her. She will always be a main ingredient within my health and wellness plan.
Liza: When I first went to see Amanda, I was in an extreme state of inflammation and pain in my neck due to a car accident injury. Amanda applied a technique whereby she was able to greatly lessen the severe muscle spasms I was having and increase the range of motion in my neck. Over the past six months, Amanda recommended me to a physical therapist from whom I have been receiving treatment in conjunction with Amanda’s sessions. By using myofascial release and the knowledge of how to apply and not apply pressure, Amanda has successfully freed me from a debilitating state of muscle inflammation.

Roxanne – Myofascial Relief for Wellness

My husband introduced me to Amanda, and explained that she utilized a different method called myofascial release. I was dubious, but my first massage with Amanda was a birthday gift, so why refuse it. For many years, the occasional massage was an act of indulgence for me. When the muscles in my shoulders would feel tight enough to suspend a bridge, I would allow myself some relief with a massage, and it was always a deep tissue massage. The immediate gratification of having someone dig their fingers into those unrelenting muscle fibers “hurt so good.” However, I found that the relief lasted only as long as the massage, and oftentimes my body would feel worse the following day, as if my muscles had been punished. My first impression of the technique was almost disappointing because it was so unfamiliar. There was none of the “hurt so good” immediate gratification, but a more relaxed, deliberate stretching of the fascia that allowed my tense muscles space to release themselves. I found that my body was much more limber and relaxed for days following the massage, a result I had never had with deep tissue.

A monthly massage is now part of my regimen. Amanda is a great listener and clearly devoted to her art and her clients. Indulge yourself!