Professional Therapeutic Massage for Healing and Wellness

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Myofascial Release

myofascial release therapy

 A gentle, hands-on approach using sustained pressure to free up fascial restrictions throughout the body. Focusing pressure on specific areas of restriction until melting of “knots” in the tissue begins. Promoting long-lasting lengthening and stretching to chronically tight muscles. Decreases pain, increases ease of movement, and improves alignment.

Pre-Natal Massage

pregnancy massage therapy

Professional therapeutic massage customized for the optimal level of comfort and relaxation for the pregnant body. Using a supported side-lying position on the massage table, the comforting action of massage strokes are applied at key areas of tension and exhaustion. Pre-natal massage sessions offer safe, calming, and therapeutic body care to support a healthy pregnancy.

Post-Partum Massage

Image representing baby welcome at post natal massage session

 Calming and supportive therapeutic massage session focused on physical recovery and rejuvenation after the marathon of giving birth. Relieve stress and pain associated with caring for a newborn and promote Caesarean recovery. Realign the pelvis. Steady pressure on specific areas or the whole body relieves pain, soreness, and tiredness. Bring your newborn to your post-natal sessions to share the healing benefits.

Orthopedic Massage

scar tissue orthopedic massage on knee in prone position

 Friction therapy techniques used specifically to reduce scar tissue which accumulates as a result of injury to soft tissue structures in the body. Pressure is applied using a frictioning motion at specifically identified points of injury. Encourages healing of pain and injury and corrects muscular tension patterns.

Deep Tissue

deep tissue massage therapy

 Slower, deeper, more concentrated massage strokes used both for specific pain sites and for the whole body. Focus is on improving blood circulation to tight muscles, releasing adhesions or “knots” in the tissue, and promoting a full body sense of relaxation.

Body Healing Blog

Image representing body healing blog

 Tips and techniques for self-treatment for pain and healing. Discover daily patterns that cause well-being to be lost. Learn new ways to recover from injury or to prevent every day physical and emotional stress. 

How is Professional Therapeutic Massage Different from a Spa Massage?

At first glance, professional therapeutic massage and massage therapy seem to be one and the same.  However, in the field of massage therapy, vast differences exist between massage for relaxation and professional massage for therapeutic purposes. While professional therapeutic massage does not exclude or diminish the value of relaxation-based spa massage approach, it offers an effective holistic approach to caring for tension, injury and pain reduction. Therapeutic massage primarily focuses on effecting lasting change in the body as a whole.

Therapeutic massage techniques are much different from the massage therapy experienced in a spa environment. Therapeutic massage aims to relieve pain and tension caused by stress, overwork of muscles, injury, or surgery.

Overuse or Neglect of Your Body

Are you recovering from an injury or surgery, running the marathon of pregnancy and giving birth, or starting to feel the aging process? Professional therapeutic massage can facilitate faster recovery and full body healing for feeling better, stronger, healthier, and happier in your body on a regular basis. Working together and regularly with a specially trained therapist offers a customized treatment approach for sustainable well-being.

Professional Therapeutic Massage Builds Well-Being

More than a specific technique, therapeutic massage, introduces a meaningful conversation between yourself and your body. It increases the ability to listen and perceive what is needed to release, re-balance, and restore our bodies to a better place.  It encompasses both identifying the patterns of how you function every day and applying techniques to help dissolve inefficient and uncomfortable patterns. Your therapist is experienced and skilled in assessing which techniques will best address your health and pain issues at each therapy session.

An initial session of massage therapy involves conducting a visual assessment of your standing posture, how you move in certain directions, and bony landmarks to measure skeletal imbalances. Also, a written intake form is used to highlight essential medical history and specific details regarding lifestyle and habits.